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UK at SXSW – Stats

The UK Department of International Trade, along with other Tech groups brought 17 British brands to the SXSW event in Austin during the event held March 10-19. While these were the official companies attending – there were numerous others in attendance. In fact, the 1,500 person delegation from the UK represents the largest presence in […]

British PM, Theresa May Visiting U.S.

Prime Minister Theresa May and U.S. President Trump are set to meet as the first in-person meeting between the new U.S. President and a foreign leader. PM May is expected to discuss free trade deal opportunities between the U.S. and U.K. According to The Independent, “Ms May,┬áis only allowed to talk about deals with new […]

America First – Buy American, Hire American

President Donald Trump just concluded his speech and there are a number of analysts starting to pick apart what he said and interpreting what it means. A few keywords that came up during the speech included, repeatedly, “America First”. During his speech, the U.S. President mentioned he wanted to work to “bring back our jobs”. […]

Entering Trump’s America

For overseas companies watching the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States – there are a number of questions that come to mind. For example: What’s it going to be like for brands to enter the U.S. market? Will it be easier to enter the U.S. market? Will there be special incentives to […]

Uber Arriving Now Magazine

Techcrunch recently had an article about Uber launching a new magazine, this time aimed at its passengers (they already have a quarterly magazine called “Momentum” for their drivers). It launched in NYC in time for Fashion Week. While many are looking at this as a content play and advertising play – I am looking at […]