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Retail Changes – Bebe Shutting Down

With pressures in the retail experience and changes in consumer behavior, we see one more retailer shutting down. California based Bebe, founded over 40 years ago, has just announced a complete shut down of its retail stores (mostly mall based). The Facts on Bebe Bebe will be shutting down all 175 (168 according to WSJ) […]

British Retailers Entering US

This Spring, another British Brand, The White Company announced plans to enter the U.S. market. The White Company is one of the U.K.’s fastest growing retailers. Revenues exceed $200M USD and it has presence in over 50 markets in the UK. What is The White Company The multi-channel retailer’s line encompasses: home accessories, such as […]

Queuing Theory (CX)

Did You Pick the Right Line (Queue) Last Time at the Store? There have been numerous times I’ve been faced with a massively critical decision. Which line should I pick? Waiting in the Wrong Line¬†Unnecessarily? As luck would have it – or lack thereof, I usually find myself in the “wrong” line. But why is […]

Tech-tonic Shift in Retail

  We are witnessing¬†a tech-tonic shift in the way that goods and services are bought.   There is no doubt, we see the changes around us in retail. You can see the countless quarterly earnings from the mainstays in the business, coming in with lackluster results. Some are fighting back the beast we know as […]