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Influencers Becoming Marketers

Just when you got rolling on your Influencer Marketing Strategy, it turns out this is another thing that us Marketers ruin… You-Economy Dubbed the era of the solo-preneur, and the You-Economy, many individuals are seeking to build their own brand. These individuals are hearing about the ‘millions’ being made by influencer rock-stars and want the same […]

Prosumers, Makers, Influencers

This is certainly an interesting era for brands. There is talk of “Makers”, “Prosumers” (producers who are also consumers), and of course “Influencers.” It’s all part of a massive growth in user generated content (UGC). How does this affect brands? This isn’t a new trend. Some of these Influencers have been at it for almost […]

Uber Arriving Now Magazine

Techcrunch recently had an article about Uber launching a new magazine, this time aimed at its passengers (they already have a quarterly magazine called “Momentum” for their drivers). It launched in NYC in time for Fashion Week. While many are looking at this as a content play and advertising play – I am looking at […]

Outdoor vs. Digital

A while back, I was driving in L.A. when the blackout ruling fell upon the digital outdoor billboard displays in West L.A. At the time, I wondered if this was going to impact digital billboards across the nation. And what about outdoor media companies – what was their fate? Fast forward to today, and […]