UK at SXSW – Stats


The UK Department of International Trade, along with other Tech groups brought 17 British brands to the SXSW event in Austin during the event held March 10-19. While these were the official companies attending – there were numerous others in attendance.

In fact, the 1,500 person delegation from the UK represents the largest presence in record for the UK and also for any other country. With UK now on a more concrete path to leaving the EU – the UK Trade Ministry is taking a very active role in promoting British brands overseas. Of course, SXSW is an excellent forum. Last year, exports grew an incremental 10 million GBP according to the International Trade Minister.

The expanded delegation was represented by approximately 70 UK brands – some very well known and some that are just beginning to look for expansion outside the UK.

In the entire United Kingdom of 4 countries, London as a region represented 12% of all exports in December 2016 which is approximately 35 billion GBP. England represented 76% of exports.

The primary export partner for the UK is usually the US, based on January 2017 statistics. Exports to the US were approximately 3.4 billion GBP during the month. The U.S. isn’t always the largest recipient of UK exports though.

It seems that all signs are pointing to more excitement among British firms to build relationships and expand outside of Britain – and the U.S. seems to be a favored partner.


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