America First – Buy American, Hire American


President Donald Trump just concluded his speech and there are a number of analysts starting to pick apart what he said and interpreting what it means.

A few keywords that came up during the speech included, repeatedly, “America First”. During his speech, the U.S. President mentioned he wanted to work to “bring back our jobs”.

How does this impact companies overseas that are looking to enter the U.S.? Some companies have expressed a “wait and see” approach based on a new President with unknown policies. Based on the initial remarks and sentiment, you can expect that any organization that brings jobs to the U.S. will be looked at favorably.

Another remark President Trump made was “Buy American, Hire American”. While this could be construed as specific to American brands – those that have a ‘Made in America’ would still enjoy the same benefits since they are supporting American labor and American jobs.

For those that have been waiting for inauguration day – this speech confirms that entering the U.S. market will continue to be lucrative.

Here are a few links related to the speech and the new President.

White House Official Website

Transcript for President Trump’s Speech

UK The Telegraph’s Coverage of Speech

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Greeting


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