Just when you got rolling on your Influencer Marketing Strategy, it turns out this is another thing that us Marketers ruin… You-Economy Dubbed the era of the solo-preneur, and the You-Economy, many individuals are seeking to build their own brand. These individuals are hearing about the ‘millions’ being made by influencer rock-stars and want the same […]

Tech City UK announced 33 UK based startups joining its Upscale program – which is a 6 month accelerator and mentoring program. Over the course of this year, you can expect more UK based businesses to take inspiration from the growth and activity of these companies across the UK. With more trade talks coming up, […]

This is certainly an interesting era for brands. There is talk of “Makers”, “Prosumers” (producers who are also consumers), and of course “Influencers.” It’s all part of a massive growth in user generated content (UGC). How does this affect brands? This isn’t a new trend. Some of these Influencers have been at it for almost […]

This is a list of digital marketing books – part of the series of books I’ve read over the last 18 months. This is originally where I started going through a lot of marketing related books as I tried to ramp up on my knowledge of becoming more advanced in facebook, SEO, etc. Killer Facebook […]

With pressures in the retail experience and changes in consumer behavior, we see one more retailer shutting down. California based Bebe, founded over 40 years ago, has just announced a complete shut down of its retail stores (mostly mall based). The Facts on Bebe Bebe will be shutting down all 175 (168 according to WSJ) […]

CX (Customer Experience) is a crucial area. I initiated a new department around CX after starting to read up and listen to some podcasts on the topic. Below are the books I’ve found useful as part of my series of articles on books I’ve read in the last 18 months. The Experience Economy: Work Is […]

As part of the series of posts on books I’ve been going through over the last 18 months – I’ve categorized them. This particular category is interesting in that it has a mix of some really academic work, normal storytelling books, some normal branding books, and then a humor element and some experimentation I did […]